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Famous People Board Game
Famous People Board Game

FAMOUS PEOPLE The game of celebrity impersonations.

Roll out the red carpet! Because when you play this game, you and your friends ARE the celebrities! Famous People is the hilarious game where you try to get your teammates to guess as many names of celebrities as they can in one minute. Act, sing, tap dance, hit a home run, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! Famous People sets the stage for your most entertaining performances!

- 324 game cards
- a one-minute timer
- an eight-sided bonus point die
- a six-sided category die
- a scorepad
- and a pencil
    Sku: 825156102657 Browse Category: Games
Interactive Text Message Games
Interactive Text Message Games

Open up the screen on the card to reveal an interactive game to play with one or more other players. Enjoy sending text messages from a wide variety of 25 cell phone-shaped game cards.
    Sku: 825156106594 Browse Category: Games
Nude Female Playing cards
Nude Female Playing cards

54 nude female models on playing cards.
    Sku: PC0001 Browse Category: Games
Office Scandal Card game
Office Scandal Card game

Office Scandal is an easy to learn strategy game where you and the other players are co-workers competing to become the boss of your incredibly immoral office. In order to succeed at your workplace, you need to do whatever it takes. You may end up dating the bossís daughter, getting another player demoted for using office equipment inappropriately, or busting someone for embezzling. During each round, anyone who is your boss gets to boss you around. The player who earns the most money wins.
    Sku: 825156033692 Browse Category: Games
PervArtistry Game
PervArtistry Game

An adult party game where 2 or more teams race to guess risque phrases through hilarious charades or drawings
    Sku: 895019000017 Browse Category: Games
Porn! The card game
Porn! The card game

Porn is the easy-to-learn strategy card game where you and the other players compete to own the most porn movies. As you build your stash, you also try to prevent other players from building larger collections. You can steal movies by correctly answering a porn trivia question, triple your holdings with the Porn Mogul Card, and earn extra turns by filming a movie. Running out of cards closes the round, but watch out for the Arson Card that can destroy it all.
    Sku: 825156102367 Browse Category: Games
Seeds in the Pot Leaf game
Seeds in the Pot Leaf game

A fun way to pass the time! The object is to get all the "seeds" in the potleaf carefully without disrupting those that you have already put in place.
Includes humorous rankings on the back!
    Sku: 825156103203 Browse Category: Games
Take It Off Game
Take It Off Game

A rummy styled stripping card game your mother never told you about. play this game with 2-6 of your sexiest friends and watch the room heat up
    Sku: 685634100076 Browse Category: Games
THC The Game
THC The Game

The hilarious game of growing pot, silly dares, and crazy challenges!

Game includes: a 12 1/4 in. x 7 1/2 in. game board, a joint-shaped spinner, a Tongue-Twisters card, 16 Pot Leaf cards, 4 game markers, and easy-to-follow game rules.
    Sku: 825156104460 Browse Category: Games
The Game Made Me do It
The Game Made Me do It

Get ready to flirt, french, flaunt, and taunt! Players take turns rolling the die and carrying out the dares listed on the cards. With over 400 different options, what will the game make YOU do?
    Sku: 825156106983 Browse Category: Games
Truth Or Dare Poker
Truth Or Dare Poker

Truth or Dare Poker has the same cards as a regular poker deck. In the center of each card is a probing truth question and a hilarious dare. When you win a card game, you get to assign truths and dares to the players of your choice. Included: 52 poker cards, 52 truth questions, 52 dares, one joker, and a poker hand rank sheet.
    Sku: 825156031186 Browse Category: Games
Un-Uh No,He Diíint! Game
Un-Uh No,He Diíint!  Game

The Game of Secrets and Laughter
    Sku: 825156102947 Browse Category: Games
Urban Legends
Urban Legends

The Exciting strategy game where you and the other players must face and survive Urban Legends. Some Legends Reward you when they come true,others hurt you,and some even kill you. In this game though,death is not the end! As a ghost,you can appear in movies,save dying relatives,kill other players,and even come back to life! Good Luck is rewarded with Karma Points,and the first player with 12 Karma points wins!
    Sku: 825156103173 Browse Category: Games
Displaying 1-13 of 13 Found.
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