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December 11, 2014
2015 Raven's Eden Awards: How It works

   Hello Folks,

       It is that time of year again.   Time for the 2015 Raven's Eden Awards (4th annual).  I have had several people ask questions such as "Why is the list so long?"   "Who decides the nominees?"  Ect.    I will answer those questions here.

First and foremost the number one rule is, a nominee MUST be from a scene or movie released in 2014 (Between Jan 1,2014 and Dec 31,2014).  The REA's are the only awards to the best of my knowledge that is based entirely on fan feedback.   Everything from the categories to the nominees to the voting are based on what the fans say.   I allow write in votes for about 2 months (Nov and Dec).  As soon as I verify a write in vote meets the release criteria I will add them to the ballot.  Then starting Jan 2, each day I will eliminate the nominee with the fewest number of votes in each category until no more than 10 nominees remain in each category.  Since the fans write in votes that is why the list is so long at the moment.    

  I leave the nomination process up to the fans for several reasons.   1.  It gives me a chance to see who the fans like. That way I know what type of movies to carry on   2. It gives some of the smaller studios a chance to be recognized.  3. I don't have time to watch all of the movies/scenes released each year.      I will announce the winners of the Gay/All male awards in March,  The rest will be announced in April.   I will then ship the awards to the winners afterwards.

 "Is there an awards ceremony?"   At this time I do not have an awards ceremony.  To avoid a conflict of interest The REA's don't have sponsors, So we are on a strict budget.  Most of what we spend is on getting the awards printed and shipped to the winners.   If you would like to help fund the awards and live in the United States  please visit the Raven's Eden shop and place an order.   If you have any questions please leave a comment and we will answer it as soon as possible.   Good luck to all the nominees   you can vote here.   

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